Welcome to Air, Bali’s first contemporary artist residency and creative tropical homestay.

Welcome to AIR, an ‘Artist Inn Residency’ that offers living and working space for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, digital nomads, writers, art lovers, travellers, yogis and amazing humans of all kinds. In Indonesian language “Air” means water and our studios and guest rooms are located right next to a river. The air that we breathe here is a lush tropical one with a distinctive creative flavor. We would love to host you and share the endless inspirations that Bali has to offer.

Our mission is to create a space under one roof where magical things can happen and new ideas flourish. You can stay in the beautifully designed rooms and work on large tables or choose to book an extra studio space. Tranquil rice fields and the bustling town center are both within walking distance. Enjoy the sauna and bonfire, play ping pong and meet like-minded people, go for a massage and a coconut and let the journey unfold.

12 reasons you should come and stay with us

What people say about AIR

Air was the best thing that happened last year. It was the perfect space to soak up inspiration get out of the big city insanity and eat healthy and reset.
The enviroment of Ubud is super inspiring and i collected all my ideas for the whole year here.

Joshua BallingerFilmmaker, Los Angeles

Green, green and more green. Coconuts for breakfast, bonfire for the evening and always white fresh paper on your desk, What more to ask for?

Martin ZillmannFilmmaker | Berlin, Germany

I really like watching these humans that are hanging out at my space. They move and make things to play around with and they seem quiet educated in terms of feeding time and washing.

Ida the catQueen of the forrest




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